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Alpiq E-Mobility SA et Chevrolet sont partenaires

Chevrolet Suisse SA et Alpiq E-Mobility SA ont conclu un partenariat. Les acheteurs d'une Chevrolet Volt disposeront, en plus de leur véhicule électrique, de prestations d'Alpiq E-Mobility SA sous la forme d'une infrastructure de recharge et de bornes de recharge.

From November 2012, anyone who purchases a Chevrolet Volt electric car, voted 2012 Car of the Year, will not just be doing something for the environment but will also be rewarded. Because in addition to the new Chevrolet Volt, customers in Switzerland will also enjoy a comprehensive range of services from Alpiq E-Mobility in the form of charging station and infrastructure. Every customer will also benefit from a free home check, in which Alpiq E-Mobility AG checks the home installation and analyses the conditions at the home address. Customers receive support from Alpiq E-Mobility employees when installing the charging station.

"We enable efficient, reliable charging." Customers opting for an electric car can enjoy the major advantage of not having to worry about the details of installation or the charging station infrastructure. Alpiq E-Mobility takes care of all this on his behalf. "The partnership with Chevrolet fills the gap between vehicle and electricity. We make sure the customer benefits from efficient, reliable charging," explains Fabian Kallen, Business Supporter at Alpiq E-Mobility AG.

Alpiq offers mature full-service solutions All leading automobile manufacturers are currently investing in the development of electric or hybrid vehicles. Politicians and business leaders are predicting a quantum leap in the number of electric cars. With its comprehensive know-how in the energy sector and a full range of energy services, Alpiq is optimally positioned to offer mature solutions for the further development of e-mobility: Thanks to its know-how, Alpiq E-Mobility AG guarantees the best solution for connecting and integrating electric cars in the private and public building infrastructure.